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Cost Segregation Services

PFA Cost Segregation Services provides cost segregation studies to accountants, building owners and businesses both large and small in the greater Chicago land region.

Recipients of a Cost Segregation Study will benefit from an increase in depreciation and a reduction in their tax burden for the next 5, 7, or even 15 years!

Cost Segregation Studies can provide a significant benefit to both building owners or accountants serving clients who own property. A cost segregation study is conducted to identify and reclassify personal property and land improvements in order to shorten the amount of time it takes to depreciate the specific assets for income purposes.

PFA Cost Seg provides engineering based cost segregation studies which allows property to be depreciated significantly faster and reduces current tax obligations. The tax savings are already there in the building and available to the owner and need only to be uncovered by PFA's team.

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Why Pay For Cost Segregation Services When an Accountant is Already Depreciating the property?

Accountants may be able to capture some of the deductions available but without engineering expertise they will overlook substantial amounts of personal property and land improvements that can provide substantial tax savings. They may already be depreciating your property but not at the accelerated rate allowed that could provide you the most savings. Most CPA and accounting firms don't have the experienced engineers on staff to inspect the properties, examine architectural drawings and analyze the cost data as required by IRS guidelines.

If you are an accountant looking to provide added value to your clients and win their word of mouth advertising you should recommend a cost segregation study. PFA offers a referral fee for local accounting firms.  Many accountants tell us that our alliance agreement has helped to make their marketing efforts more successful, resulting in the acquisition of larger and more profitable clients. In addition, introducing a tax savings tool this powerful will further solidify your relationship with your current clients. 


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